Ray of hope – GOOD THINGS!



What is necessary to perform good deeds? In fact, the main thing is the will to do that!

This situation is familiar to everyone: the closet bursts with things that you wore a couple of times and just do not like any more, or do not fit in. You have gathered stacks of children’s clothing, but the children are already long grown up?

What do you do with them? Instead of storing things in the closets (until the moth eats them), we suggest you give them to the needy people and orphans!

Let’s do good things!

You do not know people who might need it all?

We do. There are boarding homes for people with special needs, centers of social and psychological rehabilitation, and many other institutions, where there are people in need of support!

By handing them a nice warm sweater or a pair of children’s shoes, you not only give warms, but also provide invaluable support.

In turn, we ask to take one important detail into account in providing such support. Please, do not bring things on a basis of “It’s a pity to throw away – so I will give it to people.” We won’t hand over things with spots and defects anyway. Huge request: no holey sweaters, worn jeans, dirty T-shirts, please!

Charity Foundation “Ray of Hope” Team acts as a link between those wanting to pass the good things and the people who need them.

To take part in the “Good things!” project and hand clothes for the charity, please contact our coordinator:


E-mail: b.zaviedieieva@rayofhope.com.ua

Tel.: +38(044)227-61-86

Cel.: +38(096)228-34-84