Birthday is a favorite for kids. Presents, funny contests, smiles, and, of course, the birthday cake.

For our children from the Nizhyn center of social and psychological rehabilitation this holiday is as important as for any other child.

Orphans, street children, children affected by domestic violence and in need of psycho-social support live in the center. Their age varies from 3 to 18 years.

The volunteers of the “Ray of Hope” Foundation, together with other caring people, organize “Birthday celebration days” for pupils of Nizhyn center of social and psychological rehabilitation.

In August , 4 children celebrate their birthdays.

We are planning to congratulate they on the end of the month (approximately on 08/27/2017).

The festivities include:

– birthday cake with candles, 4-5kg;

– presents to birthday kids: meccano set, color markers, toys, coloring books;

– funny contests and workshops (prepared by volunteers).

We ask all concerned people to support our social project “Birthday celebration day” and work together to give children a holiday. You can help by transferring any amount to the project, handing gifts for children to our volunteers or taking part in the trip.

Any help is necessary and important!