We received an appeal from the Pryluky regional child’s house “Nadiya” (“Hope”), where children from birth to 6 years live. Among the small children, there are orphans, children deprived of parental care, children with special needs. Today, there are 78 children in the daily care and supervision of the house.

Children live in groups of 12-14 people. Such groups replace their homes and must contain everything necessary for the development of babies.

We ask all caring people to support the project and help us buy baby furniture for kids.

The group “Teremok” needs:

• Lockers in the locker room (12 pcs.);
• Playing wall (2 pieces).

Total cost of necessary children’s furniture – 28 400 UAH.

A letter from the administration of the Pryluky child’s home with a request for the purchase of children’s furniture is here >>>

* The amount on the website is 29 240 UAH – it includes the cost of the commission for transferring funds.

Together we will provide small residents of the child’s home with the necessary furniture for development!

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

5000 UAH
250 UAH
Евгений /
20000 UAH