The charity campaign was completed. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT!

The Foundation “Ray of Hope”, in the framework of the social project “Sport to Children” organized fund-raising for the purchase of sports equipment and inventory for the Youth Athletic Center of Nosivka, Chernihiv region.

Our common goal is to make sport accessible!


Total cost of the project is 6840 UAH.

These funds will purchase equipment for boxing, namely:

  • punching bag,
  • punching ball,
  • mount for the ball,
  • exerciser,
  • chain and paws.

This equipped room will allow for children, adolescents and young people to exercise regularly, build a culture of movement and body, as well as to promote the ideal of mental and physical health, youth, beauty, and success in life, which is very important nowadays!

* The amount on the web-site is 6840 UAH – including funds transfer fees.


Let’s help the younger generation to choose the way of health and sports!

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We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

6840 UAH