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We would like to tell you about an unusual orphanage in Nizhyn town.

Nizhyn orphanage is a social and medical institution for permanent residence of children with disabilities between the ages of 4 and 18 years, as well as a youth section for people with disabilities aged 18 to 35 years. The orphanage has 106 inhabitants, among them orphaned children, children with only one parent, children deprived of parental care, with special needs.

Wards orphanage under the daily supervision of medical staff and is constantly in need of medication maintaining health. These kids are really special, they require special attention, and care, as well as respect and love.

Encouraging the inhabitants of the youth branch to the labor process creates favorable conditions for the development and correction of sensory, imaginary, and executive functions. In addition to correcting the disadvantages of motility, the correct organization of labor contributes to the overall improvement, generates positive emotions, brings joy to children, creates cheerful mood, which has a positive effect on the mental state of a person.

And most importantly – while working, the kids are distracted from thinking about their illness and they see the final result of their work. The work motivation has great importance and, therefore, money wages will be a good stimulus for students.

The Foundation team created the”Workshop of Life” project for fund-raising to create a sewing workshop.

Total cost of necessary equipment is 32 000 UAH.

To be purchased for those money:

  • sewing machines (4 pcs)
  • irons (2 pcs)
  • ironing board,
  • closet for cutting,
  • scissors (5 pcs)
  • rubber pads (4 pcs).

Creating a sewing workshop is necessary for pupils of the boarding house, in connection with the further encouragement to labour, mastering professions, opportunities to earn money on their own needs.

See the letter from Nizhyn orphanage administration asking for help in creation of a sewing workshop here!

* The amount on the web-site is 34325 UAH – including funds transfer fees.

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We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

400 UAH
550 UAH
Елена /
250 UAH
Николай /
50 UAH
Дана /
1500 UAH
Сергей /
1050 UAH
1500 UAH
Андрей Николаевич /
2195 UAH
Евгений /
194 UAH
Соня /
1645 UAH
Женя /
1600 UAH
Генадий Петрович /
800 UAH
Александр /
230 UAH
Anna /
175 UAH
Олена /
970 UAH
1000 UAH
Мария /
550 UAH
Sergey /
50 UAH
Макр /
1200 UAH
Добрый человек /
650 UAH
Ольга /
100 UAH
Аня /
350 UAH
Николай /
1200 UAH
Мария /
500 UAH
Мурат /
2000 UAH
Sergey /
800 UAH
Дима /
60 UAH
катя /
910 UAH
Саша /
2000 UAH
Лев /
2500 UAH
Руслана /
3250 UAH
Петр Васильевич /
250 UAH
Инна /
1000 UAH
семья Зубко /
400 UAH
Лера /
800 UAH
от Маринки /
500 UAH
Кирилл /
180 UAH
Мира /
210 UAH
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400 UAH
костя /
120 UAH
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