The Zamglay orphanage is a medical and social establishment. It is home to 100 girls with the cognitive and developmental needs.

Girls constantly communicate and are in contact with each other in classrooms, cafeteria, while relaxing and developmental classes.

The cold and flu season have a particularly acute need for ongoing prevention. It becomes relevant to treat living rooms, classrooms for group lessons and classes with quartz lamps, because it significantly reduces the level of disease among girls.

A mobile quartz lamp will be a “magic wand” for our children. This lamp fights off viruses and bacteria, disinfects the space, which allows to prevent the spread of flu among pupils of the orphanage.

The “Ray of Hope” Foundation teams asks all concerned to support the “Required for Health” project and help us buy a mobile quartz lamp for the Zamglay orphanage.

The total project cost 600 USD.

* The sum of the site is 640 UAH. – Includes the cost of fees for the transfer of funds.

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

500 UAH
Анна /
50 UAH
Валентина /
800 UAH
Михаил /