Everyone agrees that childhood should be filled with joy, and be the most joyful and carefree period in anyone’s life.
There are up to 40 children in Nizhyn center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children – the establishment of social protection for long-term and day-care of children from 3 to 18 years. These children are orphans, children without parents or persons in loco parentis, children subjected to violence and in need of psycho-social support, street children.

Children who are patronized by the Foundation, are at the social and psychological rehabilitation service for children, and very often they feel the lack of positive emotions. These children are deprived of parental attention and simple pleasures, not to mention the additional entertainment.

That is why they need a place to play and develop their physical abilities so much – need a playground, with swings, horizontal bars, sandbox, and playground for basketball.

The Foundation team undertook this task and created the project “Joy Of Childhood” to raise funds for the children’s playground.

See the letter from Nizhyn center of social and psychological rehabilitation administration asking for help in creation of a  playground for children here!

The cost of Playground – 59200 UAH.

*The sum online is 60 700 UAH – including funds transfer fees.

Давайте поможем детям реализовать это желание! Превратим их мечты в реальность!

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We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

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