Life is not easy for children in orphanages and rehabilitation centers. New place, new people, new school and class. The child faces a very large lot of stressful situations. In order for the adaptation to be successful and as quick as possible, psychologists and educators use a selection of psychological and pedagogical techniques and methods.

There is a constant need of goods for children’s development and creativity in child care centers, from modelling clay to board games. Therefore, any help from philanthropists and volunteers is worth its weight in gold.

The Administration of the Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation “Prolisok” asked us to help in purchasing developmental and educational products for children.

The list of needs:
1. Educational board games;
2. Developing games for kids;
3. Games for the development of small motor skills of children;
4. Cognitive kits for children 4-7 years old (games with letters, numbers, etc.);
5. Goods for children’s creativity;
6. Kinetic sand, molds for sand.

Exciting lessons, hobbies, master classes from volunteers, communication – the best help for the pupils of the center.
We ask all concerned to support our children. You can help by transferring any amount of money to the project, transferring the goods from the list to our volunteers or by preparing developing activities for children.

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

250 UAH
Ромах Евгений /
10 UAH
Богдана /
100 UAH
Юлия /
100 UAH
Юлія /
500 UAH
Смитюх Д. /
10 UAH
Марчук Ю. /
1000 UAH
Богдана /
700 UAH
Екатерина /
350 UAH
Розвивающие товары от Машковой Марины /
1130 UAH