All the parents of an average schooler face these troubles: to choose a prettier grade-book, to buy a sufficient quantity of copy-books, to find a bright and comfortable school bag. The child comes to school prepared and provided with all the necessary things.

But when it comes to children who live in residential care institutions, orphanages, and other social institutions, there is no place for attractiveness and quality thoughts. You are lucky just to have all the necessities, because most of the time there is not enough stationery and supplies for creativity.

Volunteers of the Foundation “Ray of Hope” together with concerned people and companies help raise funds to prepare pupils of the  center of social and psychological rehabilitation “Prolisok” to the new school year.

Orphans, street children, children affected by domestic violence and in need of psycho-social support live in the center. Their age varies from 3 to 18 years, there is a total of 14 students, and 10 of them are schoolchildren.

We ask you to support a social project #hurrytolearn.

You can help prepare children to school by transferring any amount of money.

The total cost of the necessary school supplies – 5880UAH.

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

120 UAH
тетради от Насти /
560 UAH
Канцелярия от Анастасии /
120 UAH
Елена /
4000 UAH