A good tradition of giving presents and festive mood is going to visit the orphanage pupils (Zamglay town, Chernihiv region).

Girls from 4 to 35 years with the peculiarities of cognitive, psychological and physical development live in the orphanage. There are 100 girls here, but not all of them are orphans. From time to time parents come to them, but not often … and not to everyone …

We together can give care and attention to the girls that celebrate a holiday within the walls of the orphanage!

The “Ray of Hope” Foundation team organizes a holiday show for the orphanage pupils, with presents, sweets, and New Year entertainment.

Under the “Special gift” project we collect funds for the purchase of gifts and sweets.

The total project cost 8300 USD.

* The sum of the site is 8590 UAH. – Includes the cost of fees for the transfer of funds.

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

250 UAH
Євген Михайлович /
3585 UAH
Новорічні подарунки /