Every child needs a family! But much to our regret not every child has one. There are over 60 000 orphans in Ukraine. These statistics once again underscore the urgency and acuteness of the problem.

A very small amount from the state budget is allocated per pupil of a boarding school per month. These funds are not enough to provide orphans with everything necessary! Almost every orphanage, children’s home, boarding school, rehabilitation center or special school experiences urgent need for hygiene products, bedding, stationery for study, modern developing games, goods for the development of children’s talents, clothing, and footwear. If we speak of children with special needs and children with disabilities, the amount of necessary goods increases several times – wheelchairs, prostheses, hearing aids and so on.


Charitable Foundation “Ray of Hope” under the “Help the orphans» project:

  • purchases for orphans essential goods;
  • carries out visits to children with workshops and trainings;
  • organizes holidays, excursions, trips to theaters and museums;
  • familiarizes young people with careers in the framework of the “Professional orientation” project;
  • organizes and carries out regular sports tournaments and festivals.


«Professional orientation»

The Foundation volunteers that one of the most important tasks is to help children deprived of parental care in their choice of life direction, a profession. A child growing up in a separation from the family, does not get a huge amount of knowledge about what adult life looks like. Meetings with experts, visits to enterprises, trainings and master-classes will help in recognizing how diverse world of trades is, and in the best case – will “ignite” some of the guys, will help to choose their favorite business. Also, we will be happy to help talented applicants to receive grants and scholarships to study abroad.


The main goal of our program is to meet the current requirements for proper socialization and good quality living conditions for orphans and children deprived of parental care who live in orphanages, shelters, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers, and specialized schools of Ukraine.

Orphaned children, regardless of age, belong to themselves. Fate had robbed them of parents who would protect them from a hostile world.


Nothing can replace family for those children, but together we can show them that they are not alone in the world, by surrounding them with care and attention.