The school year comes to an end, and our wards from the Nizhyn Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children are already anticipating their summer holidays.

Orphans, homeless children, children affected by domestic violence and in need of social and psychological assistance live in the Nizhyn center.

To make the vacations not only cheerful, but also cognitive, the Ray of Hope Foundation team organizes a tour to the National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman’s Capital” (Baturyn, Chernihiv region).

Quest in the stronghold of the Baturyn fortress, excursions to the house of V. Kochubei and K.Rozumovsky’s palace.

Our wards will enjoy a cheerful and rich program, a lot of impressions, and a delicious lunch and treats.

The tour is scheduled for 31/05/2017.

To organize a trip of children to the “Hetman’s Capital”, we need your support!

Travel expenses:

  • rent of the bus 2700 UAH;
  • lunch for 25 children 1200 UAH;
  • entrance tickets and excursion 650 UAH;
  • water, juice, fruit 500 UAH.

A letter from the administration of the Nizhyn Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children can be viewed here >>>

We thank all concerned for their understanding, support and participation in the fate of children!

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

350 UAH
Ирина Мулюкова /
80 UAH
200 UAH
300 UAH
Евгений Ромах /
4000 UAH