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In Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, there is a tendency to an increase in the number of people with disabilities.

The Foundation “Ray of Hope” starts the project for people with limited functionality called “IT education”.

The purpose of the project is to help people with disabilities learn the specialty “Development and promotion of WEB-projects”, to be able to earn money with their own knowledge in the up to date and modern information technologies space in the future.

Project objectives:

  • to organize a convenient and systematic learning process;
  • to provide the necessary equipment and teaching materials;
  • to provide qualified educational support during the training;
  • To help to master a modern high-paid profession of WEB-programming;
  • To assist in further employment.

The course curriculum involves the development process of a web-project’s full cycle: from the adoption of technical specifications to software implementation and promotion.

In this regard, we are opening fund-raising to pay for training of people with disabilities under the program “Development and promotion of WEB-projects.”

* The amount on the web-site is 12330 UAH – including funds transfer fees.

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We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

12330 UAH
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