We invite everyone who wants to participate in our magical Christmas project.

For the fourth year now we have been collecting unusual gifts for our wards.

Our box of inspiration, collected by kind volunteers, taking into account the gender and age of the child. In such a box, children will find useful and necessary little things, as well as everything that they cannot pass by in the store.

All boxes turn out to be different, which will give them special features. These can be coloring books, stickers, stamps, felt-tip pens, balls, prints, jumping plasticine, some sweets, soap bubbles, toys that grow in water, rubber bands and hairpins, cute notebooks, hand gum, key chains, and more. You can also complement our boxes with cheerful and bright socks, decorative cosmetics for older girls.

The team of the Luch Nadezhdy CF invites everyone who is not indifferent to help us prepare gifts for the wards who will celebrate the holidays within the walls of social networks. institutions: children from the Nizhyn Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, children from the Chernigov Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, girls from the Zamglai psycho-neurological boarding school.

To level the contents of the boxes, we set the approximate cost of each at 300 UAH.

Previously, we plan to collect 180 gifts and invest in UAH 50,000 (exact lists with the number, age and interests of the wards may vary slightly).

To support the project, you can:

– collect your box and give it to our volunteers;

– transfer any amount to the project;

– join the team of volunteers and help organize the holiday.

If you have any questions, please contact the project coordinator:



Mob. tel .: +38 (096) 228-34-84

We sincerely appreciate those who have helped in this project

5000 UAH
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