Disability is a global problem that exists in all countries, irrespective of their size and level of economic development. According to statistics, 10-12% people of the world population are more or less disabled. A person deprived of the possibility to move independently, or having any other disabilities has much more difficulties than we do in realizing their potential in the society. Persons with disabilities are the same as everybody else. They, as all of us, need to live a full life, to exercise their demands, and to manifest their abilities.

There are 450 thousand people in Ukraine, among the 41 million population, in need of physical and / or psychological rehabilitation of a various degree:

  • 395 thousand people – adults with disabilities
  • 25 thousand people – children with disabilities
  • 30 thousand people – children with cerebral palsy

The number of people with disabilities is increasing due to the growing number of wounded soldiers and the civilian population in the conflict zone (about 56 thousand for 2014-2015).

About 60% of people with disabilities in Ukraine need rehabilitation 2 times a year or more often.
The Foundation’s main objective is to help people with disabilities, including rehabilitation before and after surgery for joint endoprosthesis replacement.

A person in a wheelchair should not feel forgotten. They need to live a full life, filled with bright and colorful moments. We provide necessary medical and social assistance to people with disabilities, helping their mental and physical adaptation in society.
Many of us are able to help people with disabilities. Just take a look around. You might see people in need with disabilities in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernihiv – in any city, in any country. Perhaps there are bedridden patients somewhere in the apartment next door, who need your help. Perhaps there is a person among your friends and acquaintances with special needs, who needs care and moral support. You can help them right now.

The disabled people are mostly poor, they cannot afford even the most essential medicines.
If you have a desire to support the Foundation’s social projects, you should know that it will help in the acquisition of medicines and the implementation of costly operations of treatment and arthroplasty.

Modern wheelchairs, as well as a variety of equipment that is designed for people with limited functionality, make life easier for these people and help them feel full members of society. You can be sure that the people who receive your help will be very grateful.
Charitable Foundation “Ray of Hope” creates social projects and programs aimed at organizing and conducting physical and psychological rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

In addition, the Foundation team organizes training projects, which aim to assist in adoption of new modern professions and further assistance in the employment of people with special needs.

The support that you can provide to a person with disabilities means that you recognize them as full-fledged members of society and help them to become, if not healthy, then, at least, quite happy people.

 Providing support to people with disabilities, you support their belief in themselves and their happy future!