We are glad to announce, that our foundation “Ray of Hope” is cooperating with Roleplay Ukraine festival to raise funds for medical supplies for Ukrainians.


Discord TTRPG festival on 29-30 of April

Welcome to our online Stronghold! We seek to bring together English-speaking players from across the globe, build connections and celebrate both imaginative and real heroes.

Planned activities:

• GAMES. English-speaking GMs from Ukraine shall immerse you into adventures of your favorite games (DnD, WoD, CoC, etc), as well as introduce you to a few indie-titles from Ukrainian stage.

• STREAM. We will invite creators and our friends to discus important TTRPG matters, such as therapeutic games, hardships of UA’s roleplay community, and make a few announcements.

• CHARITY. The tale tells us about Stronghold from a faraway land. Together we will try to raise a relief caravan, full of medical supplies for brave Stronghold’s defenders. Our convention is free for visit, but  our charitable guests will have early booking of game sits, participate in prize draw and have great gratitude from our people.

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