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About the Foundation

“Ray Of Hope” allows people in need to feel as equal members of society, able to participate actively in any of its fields!

Charitable organization The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Ray Of Hope” was created to help people with disabilities, orphans brought up in residential care institutions, as well as children from families of other socially vulnerable categories.

Our Foundation was organized for people to learn to listen to others and hear their problems and, furthermore, to be willing and able to provide aid, which is so important to people in need.

Together with you, we strive to create a world of opportunities and help people develop their potential and fulfill the self-realization in society.

The “Ray Of Hope” Foundation does not belong to any political, oligarchic or religious organizations and is not funded by them for advertising.

Absolutely any indifferent person can participate in the Foundation’s projects, regardless of their financial status, ethnicity, religion and other differences.





                             WHO NEED IT SO MUCH!


To make the most of our assistance efficiency, we focused at several where we have a complex approach to the solution of urgent problems:

  • Help to people with limited functionality – creating projects that will contribute to successful rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities, as well as for people with acquired disabilities (post-stroke condition, spinal trauma injury in an accident, etc).
  • Help to orphans brought up in residential care institutions – assistance in purchasing basic necessities, organization of educational and interesting leisure activities, equipment of sports facilities for systematic training, assistance in career guidance and support in the application process to Universities of Ukraine, as well as assistance in obtaining grants and scholarships to study abroad.
  • Construction of the Rehabilitation Center “Step to Dream” – to create a modern, specialized medical facility, fully equipped for people with disabilities, providing full rehabilitation process for physical and psychological recovery.
  • Social responsibility – creation of social projects that promote the charity culture, explaining to people that charitable foundations can be open and transparent, and the volunteer movement is an additional tool of the foundation, where anyone can participate in.


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  • To provide opportunities to each person, regardless of their social status, to feel equal members of society, able to participate actively in any of its spheres.
  • To provide charitable assistance to people who find themselves in difficult circumstances.
  • To help children of socially vulnerable categories, not only with the basic necessities, but also in the organization of educative leisure, sports, and career guidance.
  • To promote a culture of charity in our community by involving young people into the implementation of social projects and publication of information in mass media, social networks.
  • To share freely and free of charge our experience and information: The Foundation organizes and conducts conferences, trainings and seminars for the rehabilitation, where you can take a course on the program of physiological, social and psychological rehabilitation.


In carrying out the noble mission, the Foundation “Ray of Hope” took responsibility to join forces with those who are reaching out to those in need, who wants to provide an opportunity for all people to see the world through the eyes of a healthy, cheerful person.философия 2

We understand special needs of people due to severe illness or disabilities. In our work we use the experience of the world’s famous Foundations for assisting in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered serious illness or have physical limitations.

  • We help people with disabilities, children who live in residential care institutions to socialize and fulfill themselves in the society;
  • We help to raise funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of those who are in dire need of immediate assistance;
  • We create opportunities for children of social risk groups to work out in the specially equipped premises;
  • We create methodological and other special conditions for social, psychological and physical rehabilitation of people with limited physiological capabilities, for the injured, for those who suffered a stroke, for people with disabilities, and children in need of assistance;
  • On the website, we provide full reports of cash flows and their distribution.

All targeted funds are used as intended!

We apply the highest standards of information openness of the projects and activities of the Foundation at all stages – from the decision to the summary.

The Foundation’s work is directed to people, eliminating the causes of problems, introducing the best practices in Ukraine and abroad, creating unique system solutions, achieving the best results in each of its projects and activities.



All the activities of the Foundation are based on the major principles and values that are important not only in the creation of social programs and services, but in building relationships as well:Ценности66

  • Communication: A constructive dialogue, an ability to listen and hear each other, an ability to understand and help. We are not indifferent to the troubles and pains of people. We see problems and consider it our task to contribute to their solution.
  • Collaboration: Only together, only by joint efforts with other non-indifferent organizations and people, we will be able to help everyone who needs our help.
  • Trust: We value an atmosphere of trust and respect in the organization and in cooperation with all people concerned.
  • Respect: Every employee of the Foundation makes their significant contribution to the work and the fulfillment of our mission.
  • Striving for excellence: Continuous improvement of the Foundation’s projects quality, striving to meet the highest international standards, to implement best practices at all levels of the project activities organization. The Foundation believes – proficiency in their field is a must.
  • Commitment to principles: The need to comply with the consistency and coherence in the achievement of the expected results. This is the Foundation’s main mode of operation.
  • Efficiency: Focus on a reasonable result. We are able to see and to eliminate consequences and causes of the problems. We work to bring the most benefit to society and derive satisfaction from the achieved results.


The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Ray of Hope” is solely responsible for the proper use of funds received from our patrons.

The basic principles of providing help by the Foundation “Ray Of Hope” are:

  • The Foundation raises funds to their bank account, and publishes a report on its website, it also provides information on the receipt and use of funds to the parents (guardians).
  • We do not give money to the applicant in person, we pay their bills and / or buy everything they need.
  • The Fund does not provide financial assistance!
  • You can always check where to the help you provided was sent.
  • If the fund raising aim was achieved for a specific project, and the money keep coming – they are redirected to finance other projects at the discretion of the Foundation, but in agreement with the patron.
  • Funds received without a designated use definition are directed to the general fund account, and in the future – for the implementation of urgent projects.


                              EACH ONE HEARS AND SUPPORTS  

                                              THOSE IN NEED!



Help will be provided, if as many good people as possible hear about this need! Therefore, the publicity is in no way less important to us than the financial aid. We are happy to cooperate with all media, including digital ones. With the help of your newspaper, magazine, TV channel or website the philanthropists learn about the needs and are able to help.

We are fully open to the press, and are always ready to talk about the Foundation’s activities.

There are other ways to help us raise funds for the Foundation projects.
For example:

  • Place the booklets and posters, and other advertising materials of the Foundation “Ray of Hope” in your office and other premises of the company you work in.
  • Tell about the work of the Foundation and give our contact details in social networks: “VKontakte”, “Twitter”, “Facebook”, etc.
  • Invite your friends to help through the details at the website of our Foundation or to become our volunteer assistants.
  • Invite the Foundation “Ray of Hope” staff to participate in activities such as press conferences of social focus, round tables, seminars, conferences, business meetings. We will be happy to report on the activities of our organization, to talk about new projects and promotions to attract new sponsors, partners and like-minded people.
  • Organize any useful action jointly with our Foundation: charity marathon in aid of sick children, collecting donations for sporting events, concerts of show business stars, an auction, the proceeds of which will go to charity. Charity event can have any format, as long as there is good cause.Social-media-policy 78








thank-you (1)Foundation “Ray of Hope” expresses its most sincere and warm thanks to all those who remain indifferent, and help us to do good deeds.

Your attention and participation in people’s difficult life situations, feasible financial assistance, provision of resources and materials for social programs and projects, development of awareness about the assistance that “Ray of Hope” provides – it’s very valuable for us.